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CRinum bulbispermum

This is a variety originally from South Africa. The Sangria hybrid is sought for it's 2' maroon, strap shaped leaves and pink spring flower.

This hybrid is also a Crinum bulbispermum but it is Crinum x powellii 'Roseum'

CRINUM americanum

American crinum lily, Crinum lily

Swamp lily, Southern swamp lily, String lily, Seven sister

Imagine early explorer's delight finding this cluster of unusual strappy leaves growing  in boggy and swampy areas, the mystery in wondering what type of flowers they produced, if any, and then finding the beautiful, enthusiastic white clusters coming forth with what seems like hardly any effort.

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Source: Plant Illustrations

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Lily: Majesty, innocence, purity, and resurrection. Often associated with the Virgin Mary and resurrection. Often used on women’s graves. The use of lilies at funerals symbolizes the restored innocence of the soul at death.“The lily’s height and beauty speak command. The Jews imitated its form in the decorations of their first magnificent temple; and Christ described it as more splendid than King Solomon in his most gorgeous apparel. According to ancient mythology, there was originally but one species of Lily, and that was orange coloured; and the white was produced by the following circumstance:—Jupiter, wishing to render Hercules immortal, prevailed on Juno to take a deep draught of nectar, which threw the queen into a profound sleep. Jupiter then placed the infant Hercules at her breast, so that the divine milk might ensure immortality. Hercules drew the milk faster than he could swallow it, and some drops fell to the earth, from which immediately sprang the White Lily.

Amaryllidaceae Family 
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