Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Prairie


A utility easement, TRAIL, and wildlife habitat

A meadow or prairie is populated with grasses and shrubby plants.
The etymology of the word "prairie" is French from Latin and the english equivalent is meadow.

Horse Nettle

Grasses and Forbs Growing in the Texas Blackland  Prairie

The horse nettles are members of the nightshade family.  A distinguishing characteristic of all horse nettles are prominent, bright yellow stamens. Confused with horse nettle sometimes, are purple ground-cherry (Quincula lobata). It is a purple flowered Nightshade member and very similar in appearance.

Horse Nettle flower

Horse Nettle fruit

Texas ecoregions.png
Texas Blackland Prairie (area 32 on the map)

 A member of the Gentian family

Purple Prairie Verbena


Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella)



Pincushion Flower

Similar flower in appearance, native Dalea feayi
Feay's prairie clover, Globe-headed Prairie Clover

Texas frogfruit

Indian Paintbrush


Preserved Prairie Locations by County in Texas

Bowie County Mary Talbot Prairie
Collin County Peters Prairie
Falls County Drews Prairie
Falls County Lehmann Prairie
Falls County Mezynski Prairie
Falls County Nelson L. Wieting Prairie
Falls County Riesel Prairie
Franklin County Daphne Prairie
Harris County Deer Park Prairie
Hunt County Clymer Meadows
Lee County Tanglewood Prairie
McLennan County Simpson Prairie
Mitchell County Maddin Prairie Preserve
San Jacinto County Russell Grasslands and Forest Preserves
Wood County Edmoore Creek

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