Monday, April 4, 2016

Iris' Awakening


The First ....
Tall bearded Iris 'Grain Exchange' (Joyce Ragle, 2007) TB, 38 inches (97 cm), Ruffled Laced, Copper/Brown, Gold,White,YellowPlicata
Grain Exchange


Border bearded Iris 'Cranapple' (J. T. Aitken, 1995) BB, 24 inches (61 cm), EM S. and style arms cranberry red; F. dark velvety cranberry red; beards russet. (Gyro x Warrior King) X Maid of Orange. HM 1997, AM 1999  RHS

 These are irises planted as bulbs. The squirrels didn't uproot these like many of the other bulbs I planted. 

Tall bearded Iris 'Jesse's Song' (B. Williamson, 1983) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), M S. white center, sanded into a solid methyl violet band; F. white plicata edge of methyl violet, sanded into a clean white ground; lemon beard tipped blue-white. HM 1985, AM 1987, Dykes 1990.
Jesse's Song


This is an heirloom iris
Iris 'Pallida Dalmatica'?, (1597)TB, 36 inches (91 cm)       


Tall bearded Iris 'Buckwheat' (Byers, 1989) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), Cream yellow standards, falls medium yellow with variable greenish ecru influence and dark brown lines at hafts to just below yellow beard. Slight sweet fragrance..

This is an heirloom iris
Iris Germanica (1500) Tall bearded Iris TB, 30 inches (91 cm)

Midnight Oil, Change of Pace, Fringe Benefits, Orion's Gate, Sorbonne, Majestic Ruler, Winterland (rebloomer), Lemon Pledge, Designer Label, Snowspoon, Orange Pop, "Princess" That Scentsation, Queen's Circle, Purple horns, Frosty Moonscape, Holy Kosmoly, "Sunset", Gnus Flash.

What to Plant?
I will be creating a graph for my irises with three important characteristics (1)The initial time sequences of blooms  (2) height, and (3) color family. Iris 'Grain Exchange' was the first to bloom. It is about 38" in height and it is in the yellow color family.  This information, in a graphic form, is especially helpful when you want to create a newly designed bed from scratch. If you have several iris varieties, and would like to include in your garden journal a similar graphic, contact me and I can help you create a chart. It is quite easy.  I am in zone 7-8. 

Irises: Arranged in the chart by first to bloom (x), 
and height (y). 
Each iris will have a bar representing it's color.

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