Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What does a Butterfly See?



Well, the butterfly does not see as much as the mantis shrimp but they have more color receptors than humans. What does a butterfly see?

The warmth of dappled light through the palms.

The unfurling fronds of ferns

 The bright pink shades and fuzzy texture of chenille.

Woven edges

The blooms of pseuderanthemum reticulatum

The beautiful flowers of palms, cycads, and bromeliads.

The butterflies are not only beautiful, so is their environment in the rainforest and their tropical homes.

The blue morpho

Butterflies in the Garden, the Mayan Experience is at the  Fort Worth Botanic Garden Conservatory. The Rainforest Conservatory hosts more than 700 species of plants along with over 1000 exotic butterflies (until April 3). I have toured at least four butterfly exhibits in the United States and Canada and this is one of the best.

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