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Part II | San Diego Zoo | Balboa Park | Pollinator Habitat


The San Diego Zoo supports a healthy habitat for pollinators. 

Pollinator Habitat 
Hot Pink Trumpet Shaped Flowers
The lance shaped leaves and trumpet shaped flowers remind me of Beardtongue (Penstemon), the vivid pink reminds me of oleander.
A native penstemon for zone 10 is (Penstemon heterophullus

Pollinator Habitat includes Lantana

I think this is Butterfly bush, Buddleia.  This is very similar to the nativeWoolly Blue Curls (Trichostema lanatum).

Milkweed and a Monarch

Table I.  Native Plants for Pollinators // Zone 10                           

Family Botanical Name Common Name Height Color Season
Aster Achillea millefolium  Yarrow  6" x 3'  Varies  April-August
Aster Encelia californica  Coast Sunflower  3x5' Yellow Feb-June
Aster Erigeron glaucus  Seaside Daisy  2x2'  Pale Blue  Jan-August
Aster Leptosyne gigantea  Giant Coreopsis  To 4'  Yellow Jan-May
Cleome Peritoma arborea  Bladderpod  3x4'  Yellow  Nov-June
Dogbane Asclepias fascicularis  Narrowleaf Milkweed  2x2'  White/Pink  May-Sept
Figwort Penstemon heterophullus Foothill Penstemon 2 x 3'  Blue/Red/Purple Yr Round
Honeysuckle Lonicera subspicata  Southern Honeysuckle  Vine  Yellow  May-August
Iris Sisyrinchium bellum Blue Eyed Grass  1+-2'  Blue March-May
Knotweed Eriogonum rubescens  Channel Island Buckwheat  Varies  Pink Summer
Lopseed Diplacus aurantiacus  Sticky Monkey Flower  2' x 3'  Orange May-August
Mints Salvia apiana  White Sage  4x6'  White April-July
Mints Salvia spathacea  Hummingbird Sage  1x3'  Red Feb-July
Mints Trichostema lanatum  Woolly Blue Curls  3' x 3'  Violet  May-August
Poppy Eschshoizia californica California Poppy  1x1'  Orange/Yellow April-July
Stonecrop Dudleya edulis  Ladyfingers  1x1'  White/Pink  May-July
Stonecrop Dudleya pulverulenta  Chalk Dudleya  1x1'  Red May-July

Throughout the zoo additional colorful trees and plants capture attention.

Red Powder Puff  (Calliandra haematocephala)

Hong Kong Orchid 
Pink Orchid Tree (Bauhinia monanda) is a tropical tree to 20' and known for its lobed leaves and 5" pink orchid-like flowers with overlapping petals. 
Butterfly Tree (Bauhinia purpurea) Native to South China zone 9-10.

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