Monday, September 1, 2014

Part III | San Diego Zoo | Balboa Park | Hawaiian Native Plant Garden


San Diego Zoo

Hawaiian Native Plant Demonstration Garden
Hardiness Zone Ranges 9a (highest altitudes) - 13a (lower altitudes)

Cabbage on a Stick (Brighamia), Red Leaf  Cordyline (?) growing in lava rock.
The tree, Hawaiian koa (Acacia koa) is used for guitar constuction

Plumeria, the flower used to make Hawaiian lei's is grown in Hawaii but is not native to the island.

Botanical Name
Hawaii NativeAbutilon eremitopetalum
Hawaii NativeAbutilon incanum
Hawaii NativeAbutilon menziesii
Hawaii NativeAbutilon sandwicense
Hawaii NativeAcacia koa
Hawaii NativeAcacia koaia
Hawaii NativeAchyranthes splendens
Hawaii NativeAchyranthes splendens var. rotundata
Hawaii NativeAchyranthes splendens var. splendens
Hawaii NativeAdiantum capillus-veneris
Hawaii NativeAlphitonia ponderosa
Hawaii NativeAlyxia stellata
Hawaii NativeArgemone glauca
Hawaii NativeArtemisia australis
Hawaii NativeArtemisia mauiensis
Hawaii NativeAsplenium nidus
Hawaii NativeAstelia menziesiana
Hawaii NativeBacopa monnieri
Hawaii NativeBidens asymmetrica
Hawaii NativeBidens cosmoides
Hawaii NativeBidens hawaiensis
Hawaii NativeBidens micrantha
Hawaii NativeBidens micrantha subsp. micrantha
Hawaii NativeBolboschoenus maritimus
Hawaii NativeBonamia menziesii
Hawaii NativeBrighamia insignis
Hawaii NativeBrighamia rockii
Hawaii NativeCanavalia pubescens
Hawaii NativeCapparis sandwichiana
Hawaii NativeCarex alligata
Hawaii NativeCarex meyenii
Hawaii NativeCarex wahuensis subsp. wahuensis
Hawaii NativeCenchrus agrimonioides
Hawaii NativeCharpentiera obovata
Hawaii NativeCharpentiera ovata
Hawaii NativeCharpentiera ovata var. niuensis
Hawaii NativeCharpentiera ovata var. ovata
Hawaii NativeChenopodium oahuense
Hawaii NativeChrysodracon aurea
Hawaii NativeChrysodracon auwahiensis
Hawaii NativeChrysodracon fernaldii
Hawaii NativeChrysodracon forbesii
Hawaii NativeChrysodracon halapepe
Hawaii NativeChrysodracon hawaiiensis
Hawaii NativeCibotium chamissoi
Hawaii NativeCibotium glaucum
Hawaii NativeCibotium menziesii
Hawaii NativeCladium jamaicense
Hawaii NativeClermontia arborescens
Hawaii NativeClermontia arborescens subsp. waihiae
Hawaii NativeCocculus orbiculatus
Hawaii NativeColubrina asiatica
Hawaii NativeColubrina oppositifolia
Hawaii NativeCoprosma ernodeoides
Hawaii NativeCoprosma montana
Hawaii NativeCoprosma rhynchocarpa
Hawaii NativeCordia subcordata
Hawaii NativeCyanea angustifolia
Hawaii NativeCyclosorus hudsonianu
Hawaii NativeCyclosorus interruptus
Hawaii NativeCyperus javanicus
Hawaii NativeCyperus laevigatus
Hawaii NativeCyperus trachysantho
Hawaii NativeDelissea kauaiensis
Hawaii NativeDelissea rhytidosperma
Hawaii NativeDelissea waianaeensis
Hawaii NativeDianella sandwicensis
Hawaii NativeDiospyros hillebrandii
Hawaii NativeDiospyros sandwicensis
Hawaii NativeDodonaea viscosa
Hawaii NativeDryopteris fusco-atra
Hawaii NativeEleocharis erythropoda
Hawaii NativeEleocharis obtusa
Hawaii NativeEragrostis atropioides
Hawaii NativeEragrostis grandis
Hawaii NativeEragrostis paupera
Hawaii NativeEragrostis variabilis
Hawaii NativeErythrina sandwicensis
Hawaii NativeEugenia koolauensis
Hawaii NativeEugenia reinwardtiana
Hawaii NativeEuphorbia celastroides
Hawaii NativeEuphorbia celastroides var. amplectens
Hawaii NativeEuphorbia celastroides var. celastroide
Hawaii NativeEuphorbia celastroides var. kaenana
Hawaii NativeEuphorbia celastroides var. lorifolia
Hawaii NativeEuphorbia celastroides var. stokesi
Hawaii NativeEuphorbia degeneri
Hawaii NativeEuphorbia skottsbergii
Hawaii NativeEuphorbia skottsbergii var. kalaeloana
Hawaii NativeFimbristylis cymosa
Hawaii NativeFimbristylis cymosa subsp. umbello-capitata
Hawaii NativeFimbristylis dichotoma
Hawaii NativeFreycinetia arborea
Hawaii NativeGardenia brighamii
Hawaii NativeGossypium tomentosum
Hawaii NativeGouania vitifolia
Hawaii NativeHaplostachys haplostachya
Hawaii NativeHeliotropium anomalum var. argenteum
Hawaii NativeHeteropogon contortus
Hawaii NativeHibiscus arnottianus
Hawaii NativeHibiscus arnottianus subsp. arnottianus
Hawaii NativeHibiscus arnottianus subsp. immaculatus
Hawaii NativeHibiscus arnottianus subsp. punaluuensis
Hawaii NativeHibiscus brackenridgei
Hawaii NativeHibiscus brackenridgei subsp. brackenridgei
Hawaii NativeHibiscus brackenridgei subsp. mokuleianus
Hawaii NativeHibiscus brackenridgei subsp. molokaiana
Hawaii NativeHibiscus clayi
Hawaii NativeHibiscus furcellatus
Hawaii NativeHibiscus kokio
Hawaii NativeHibiscus kokio subsp. kokio
Hawaii NativeHibiscus kokio subsp. saintjohnianus
Hawaii NativeHibiscus waimeae
Hawaii NativeHibiscus waimeae subsp. hannerae
Hawaii NativeIlex anomala
Hawaii NativeIpomoea imperati
Hawaii NativeIpomoea pes-caprae subsp. brasiliensis
Hawaii NativeIpomoea tuboides
Hawaii NativeJacquemontia sandwicensis
Hawaii NativeKadua acuminata
Hawaii NativeKadua affinis
Hawaii NativeKokia drynarioides
Hawaii NativeLepidium bidentatum var. o-waihiense
Hawaii NativeLeptecophylla tameiameiae
Hawaii NativeLipochaeta connata subsp. acris
Hawaii NativeLycium sandwicense
Hawaii NativeLysimachia glutinosa
Hawaii NativeLysimachia mauritiana
Hawaii NativeMarsilea villosa
Hawaii NativeMelanthera integrifolia
Hawaii NativeMetrosideros macropus
Hawaii NativeMetrosideros polymorpha
Hawaii NativeMetrosideros tremuloides
Hawaii NativeMezoneuron kavaiense
Hawaii NativeMicrolepia speluncae
Hawaii NativeMicrolepia strigosa var. strigosa
Hawaii NativeMyoporum sandwicense
Hawaii NativeMyoporum stellatum
Hawaii NativeMyrsine lessertiana

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