Monday, May 22, 2017

With Every Shower


With every shower comes a turtle from the park. They wash down the hill into my yard. Turtles like my tomatoes. The turtles are placed in a bucket and returned to the park.  This time I took my new camera. I have not read the instructions or watched the videos. Here is a handsome long legged friend (possibly great egret) The next time I return to the park with turtle friends in tow I hope to know how to use this camera and have the telephoto lens with me.

Yesterday, a cacophony of crows disturbed the peaceful bliss of our Sunday afternoon.  The Cooper's hawks have returned and were shaking things up. 

Today the Cooper's hawks were circling the lake and these parents were rightfully on guard.

˂˂                                                                                                                               ˃˃
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