Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wildflower Wednesday | Fern-leaved Beggarticks

A Woodland Garden in Hardiness Zone 7b
The Beggarticks are native to Mexico and Hawaii and are members of the Aster family. 
Growing in many gardens by many names,this notorious plant might escape detection by using the aliases, Bidens, aka bur marigold, aka fern-leaved beggarticks, and aka Apache beggarticks ' Sun Drop', (Bidens ferulifolia). Be on the lookout, folks.  It would be a crime not to find this wildflower adding nuggets of gold to my garden. 
This is one of three pots, added to the corner of each step approaching the frontdoor. They accentuate the curve of the stairs. It is in full sun so this will be a little trial by fire. 
A  pot on the porch next to the rocking chair, layering and adding depth, with the duplication of the Bidens as the "filling" plant. THRILL: Coleus, FILL: Bidens, SPILL: Sweet Potato 'Margarita' 
The rocking chair pillow received a proper new botanical flair from a scrap of fabric in my stash.

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