Friday, November 27, 2015

How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath | DIY



Circular wire wreath frame 12”
Floral wire, Paddle Wire 22 Gauge 110 Feet-Green
Wire cutters
Elongated Pine/Spruce Cones (30) to frame the wreath.
Rounded and pyramidal shaped cones,
(you will be creating clusters of 3 to 5 cones before attaching the cluster to the frame)
Use elongated cones such as from Norway Spruce to form the frame of the wreath.
Cut 10” – 12” (30) wires for the elongated cones.
Bend one wire in half and attach it to a single elongate cone at the top.
Wire all 30 in this same manner.
Attach these to the outer frame.
Cut wire for clusters and form groups (3-5 cones) with rounded cones. After I have several clusters created, I start to attach the clusters. Fill with clusters.
You can accessorize with a bow.

Link to Cones from Evergreen Trees on Pinterest

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