Giant Redwood | Sequoiadendron Giganteum



Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum) with crespuscular rays
Title, "The Road Winds out into the Sun Shine", ca. 1906 
Arthur Clarence Pillsbury (1870-1946) 
d'orotone Photograph

I purchased this framed panoramic d'orotone photograph at a sale over 30 years ago. It spoke to me. It was hard to understand why someone would part with something I found quite inspiring. Their majesty!

A few years ago, while moving, I noticed the name in the bottom corner, "Pillsbury". The weight of the photograph had shifted and the title which was obscured by the frame revealed itself and my curiosity. Searching for a photographer by the name of Pillsbury brought me to a brand new adventure. Pillsbury was an engineer and photographer and one of the first graduates of Stanford University.

Arthur Clarence Pillsbury photographed the fire and destruction wreaked on the rapidly expanding town of San Francisco during and after the 1906  earthquake. He also lived in Yosemite Park and worked with John Muir to preserve the park for the enjoyment of future generations.   (ACPillsbury Foundation)