Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Roulette Minature Rose

I love this precious little pink rose. It has seen many homes and produced many offspring.
Either an early miniature or a relative of the old R. chinensis minima, this little rose has been found across Central and South Texas. The very double, one inch wide rosy-pink blossoms are produced constantly on a petite bush that responds well to pruning. A slow starter in the spring, "Pink Buttons" makes a fine little border or pot plant by mid-summer and continues to look good through the fall.
Highway 290 Pink Buttons or Rosa chinensis minima is usually covered with very double, tiny pink 'button' blooms through out the growing season. The beautiful one-inch blooms have a decided lilac purple cast to them, turning darker as they age. The petite bush has been found by Texas Rose growers in both south and central Texas. It blooms later in the spring and all through the fall. Its diminutive size makes it a perfect candidate for a pot or small garden border.  There is another miniature pink rose very similar to this called Little Pinkie.

Rosa chinensis semperflorens and Old Blush

Illustration Frierich Justin Bertuch (1747-1822)

Rosa chinensis,1795