Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Lutyens Garden Style


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Siting a marlboro bench

Edwin Lutyens (1869- 1944) is admired by everyone who appreciates architecture but one of the lasting legacies he left to garden design are the corroborated projects he created with Gertrude Jekyll. He designed Jekyll's house, Munstead Wood, Godalming, Surrey. The gardens reveal a "cottage style," less formal than those created by earlier designers such as as Henry Repton and Lancelot Brown. Lutyens created a special bench for Gertrude Jekyll that we now call the Marlboro Bench.

They sited their bench at the end of a walkway as a focal point and to enjoy the double axis view within the garden. 

Below are Marlboro benches placed along both sides of a circular walkway in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. The first is viewed through a growth of ferns and courtyard of grass. The second is surrounded by ferns and hydrangea, encircled by a wall of crape myrtles.

The area is extensively shaded with old growth trees creating a cool resting place on a hot summer afternoon along with an oasis of restful green shades of plants.

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