Saturday, March 25, 2017

Baskets | Crafts


The craft of basket making using natural fibers was often associated with home activities in early colonial America, such as collecting eggs and making cheese  Many Native Americans created beautiful pieces of art in their weaves. My Aunt taught classes on weaving and we liked to spend a day with her learning new techniques and the stories behind the baskets.

I like the weave in the bottom of this cheese basket. Cheese curds would be poured into a cheese cloth placed in the basket and then a weight would be placed on the cheese to remove excess water or whey.

Decorative Basket

Since I have no window directly above the sink in my kitchen, this loosely woven square basket, with some out of fashion porcelain fruit is a metaphorical smile. The "basket full of smiles," is a dust magnet and can be easily removed and sprayed with water right there at the sink. Easy, peasy, and sparkling once again.

Repairs can be made to baskets with the knowledge of one secret. Soak your reed in water first, that will make it pliable and easy to weave through an area just as though you are sewing on a button. 

My Egg Basket

The first basket that I created was an egg basket made with grapevine for the handle and upper edge. Not bad for a first attempt. I keep this above a shelf I have to keep crafts organized.

Natural Fibers

Use Grapevine, Reeds, Rushes, Grasses, Abaca

Reworking a rustic corner with hanging herbs and Mustang grapevine I am still looking for the right "something". During November, December, and January the climate allowed display of a continually blooming Christmas cactus tiered atop the pot of sedum. 

Grassroots Horticulhhture