Monday, June 13, 2016

Green for French Orangerie Planter Boxes


If you have ever admired orangerie planter boxes or the color prevalent on the boxes I will share a few of the shades and their hex colors.

The first color chip is Versailles green, (hex code #5b8f5f). The beautiful and popular orangerie at the chateau de Versailles was built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart between 1684 and 1686. The green is a classic green and would coordinate well with house or shed colors. 

The second shade of green is actually Benjamin Moore's Heritage paint collection, Bunker Hill green. 

The third swatch is green blue copper patina or verdigris, (hex code #599681). At one time the shutters on my house were painted with this green patina. 

Below is an antique planter box painted with a light shade of verdigris
Wooden Orangerie Planter Box
At a National Register of Historic Places Garden I admired a row of French orangerie planter boxes filled with heirloom dahlias. The boxes can be moved in and out of greenhouses, with a lot of effort, but it does protect plants during winter months from frost damage. 

Archivist and curators sometimes find it difficult to establish authentic historical colors. If you are like me, and after visiting the Orangerie or Tuileries garden in Paris and you would like to find a shade of green to remind you of a great memory to add to your own garden the swatches or tiles above might come close.

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