Monday, August 10, 2015

Datura | Fun with Shadows


The shadow of Datura projected on the fence.

I love the shadow the Datura threw on the fence, kind of an abstract or stylized projection.  What a fun addition this is to a night garden. Imagine a long row of fencing with white flowers or foliage, back lighted, and a gentle breeze diffusing the wonderful scent and the dancing shadows on the fence. 

There is often confusion between Datura and Brugmansia. The datura flower faces upward and Brugmansia hangs downward. I have seen datura called angels trumpet and devil snare. The vespertine flower opens at night and is closely associated with the moon so it is also sometime referred to as moonflower. Those are the mysteries of the night.

The Scent is lovely and is subtle, subtle, subtle.

These flowers are so beautiful and often missed because they open at night and close in the morning. You can share the beauty of these and other beautiful flowers.

A great gift idea for friend or family, hospitalized or shut-in, is to add personalized flowers and portraits to an electronic frame and include an extra battery with the gift.  

The importance of shadows
Eratosthenes who lived in Alexandria, Egypt calculated the circumference of the earth first noting that the sun at noon cast no shadow on statues then traveling 500 miles away to Syene and noting the shadows cast a shadow of 7 degrees at noon he then calculated that there were 360 degrees in a circle therefore calculated that the earth's circumference must be 25,500 miles. This was not entirely correct but very close.

Family | Solanaaceae

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