Monday, April 13, 2015

April 2015 | Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day


Portuguese squil 
 Named Scillia peruviana in 1753 by Carolus Linnaeus

It is very difficult to get good photos of penstemon.
I have two varieties in front of a mass of Peter's Purple' monarda.

Penstemon 'Dark Towers' produces flowers about the same time as the monarda in May.

The 'Peter's Purple' monarda is more resistant to powdery mildew than the red varieties I have tried and with the lack of sunshine I am concerned we may have more powdery mildew to deal with than in past years. Even my resistant miniature roses are exhibiting signs of  mildew.

Border Bearded irises ~ "Cranberry"

Iris 'Fringe Benefits'
I have not seen any photographs with a good true color for the 'Fringe Benefits' iris.

The photograph below (background iris) captures the closest color of what I would characterize as the 'Fringe Benefits' old world peach shade. 
Iris 'Change of Pace'

Louisiana Phlox
Mass plantings draw the butterfly to the nectar. On sunny days the scent is lovely.

Pink Evening Primrose wildflower

Natalia and the Bluebonnets

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