Friday, January 30, 2015

Minds Eye in a Flash | Earth, Wind, Fire | Favorite Photos 2014


A little wind and rain....   grab your umbrella!

Sunrise, Silos at harvest time
Spending time with my mother in 2014, sharing stories ..... Aunt Mary was a buyer of children's books for a general store. She would travel by car to Chicago with her lacquered hair and beautiful business suits. On a slippery winter day she lost control of the car and hit a bridge. After several months in the hospital she found great strength and happiness in hand quilting. 

Uncle Albert worked as a teacher and during the summer worked for a flour granary. Customers would give their decorative flour bags to Aunt Mary for quilting and she would give the quilts away as gifts. Every time I visited as a child she would let me chose one children's book from the library shelf next to the fireplace.

If Uncle Albert saw this photograph he would probably say, "don't you think that picture is a little grainy?" ... and we would all laugh.

My mother and I visited the Estate one rainy Sunday afternoon. We had never been and hoped to see the beautiful orchard and rose garden. 

I tried to frame the front of the  C. S. Mott home, "Applewood Estate," from the orchard.

If the name Mott sounds familiar, imagine yourself in the grocery aisle searching for a jar of applesauce and you will find jars of "Motts" applesauce. 

We were in the mood to make and bake some apple pie. I cut the apples. With her arthritis, it is very difficult for my Mom to trim enough apples to make a complete apple pie. The lucky recipient was Mom's neighbor who helps her with the chores she has trouble doing herself. His favorite pie is sugar-free apple.

I received a very big smile when I delivered it to the front door.

Gardening Gone Wild is conducting a photo contest. Professional garden photographer Saxon Holt will be judging the contest. He is looking for “a strong composition that uses the entire frame”  and also “tells a story about something special from the year 2014.” 
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