Indian Pink | Spigelia marilandica

Woodland perennial herb

This Indian Pink was found in The Beaver Bend State Park located at Broken Bow, Oklahoma. 

This exquisite woodland perennial makes a dainty looking 12" wide clump of 1'- 2' stiff,tufted stalks clothed with lance-shaped, stemless leaves. In late spring, however, the clumps become topped with dozens of spectacular bright scarlet red, up-facing, tubular,  flowers with a dramatically contrasting  bright yellow lining and flares at the top to form five pointed lobes (a yellow star)Flowers bloom in June.  
It is under-used by hummingbird gardeners but is an excellent plant for a yard with tall established trees that cast light shade beneath them. 
Grow in partial to full shade in rich soil with high organic content. A very hardy plant, though it is best planted by the end of July for reliable success in gardens and containers. Indian Pink, prefers not to be transplanted once established. 

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