Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dahlberg Daisy | Thymophylla


Dahlberg Daisy (Thymophylla tenuiloba) has lacy foliage bright yellow flowers, survive the heat and produce prolifically. There are several native low growing bright-eyed yellow-flowered plants. The USDA site has listings and maps to help sort out the specific species and to help avoid confusion when it comes to Thymophylla, dyssodia, prickly leaf, and dogweed.

The Dahlberg Daisy, below throws seeds everywhere. They seem to like falling into grooves between the concrete of sidewalks and driveways and laughing with its precious tiny yellow blossoms. "I am a hardy delight for your spring enjoyment. You really don't want to pull me as you would a lowly weed!"

It is found in cottage gardens, rock gardens and styled gardens. The bright yellow flowers attract butterflies and the foliage is fragrant.

There is a native Texas flower with yellow flowers and mounding form, bitterweed (Hymenoxys odorata or Actinea odorata).

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